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Tournament Software

  Click here to download or install the Bellot Tournament Software version 1.2 (freeware) for Windows XP or Windows 7.
  The Tournament Software will install to your C: drive ( c:\TournamentSoftware )
  Launching your software:

  1. Double click your desktop icon labeled "Tournament Software" (icon looks like the Ace of Spades)

  2.Browse to c:\TournamentSoftware and double click BellotTournamentSoftware.exe
  You will see the following dialog:

Figure 1. Bellot Tournament Software v1.2
  Click on Tournament and select Start New Tournament. Four buttons will appear. (see Figures 2 & 3 below)

Figure 2. Tournament - New

Figure 3. Buttons
  Selecting Tournament - Start New Tournament creates a Tournament1 folder inside c:\TournamentSoftware to store data.
  Each subsequent Tournament - Start New Tournament selection will create a new Tournament folder with a new number.
  Note: You will need to enter Players and build Teams for each new Tournament created.
  Your next step will be adding players to your tournament. Click the Add Player button to launch the Add Player dialog.

Figure 4. Add Player dialog
  Enter the player's name in the Name field and click Add. The name will appear in the Players list below.
  Repeat the process until all players have been added. See Figure 5 below; click the red x to close the dialog when finished.

Figure 5. Players list with many names added
  Your next step will be building teams. Click the Team Builder button from Figure 3 to launch the Team Builder dialog.

Figure 6. Team Builder dialog
  You will notice the player names you entered appearing in the Available Players list. Click on two names and click Build.
  When the Build button is clicked, a team will appear in the Teams list on the right side. Repeat process until all teams are built.

Figure 7. Team Builder example with Teams built from Available Players list
  Click the red x to close the dialog when finished. Your teams for the tournament are now built; let the Bellot games begin.
  When Bellot games have been completed, click the Enter Game Results button from Figure 3.

Figure 8. Enter Game Results dialog
  Select the 2 teams who played a game from the Team 1 and Team 2 drop down boxes; enter the Scores and Flags Given.

Figure 9. Enter Game Results example input
  Clicking Save will add the game data to the Completed Games list.
  Clicking Save will also launch Internet Explorer to show the updated results in web page format.

Figure 10. Games listed in Completed Games list
  The web page leader board below will keep updating as more games are saved.

Figure 11. Leader Board example
  Click your team's link to see individual game results and opponents you are yet to play.

Figure 12. Team results example